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$253.99 (plus GST)

"BLACK ABYSS" Metallic Custom CV Autothane two pack paint 4 litres.
This is a colour is a stunning black metallic.

Don't take my word for it! Ask for a FREE spray out card, so you can make an informed decision on your colour choice. Email me: and let me know which cards you would like, and your postal address. These will go on NZ Post so please be aware of their reduced delivery days via your local Postie.

If you want the added benefit of long term UV protection of your paint job, and for cut and polishing purposes, you will need to 2 pack clear over top.

This needs 1 litre each of Autothane CV Slow Hardener & Autothane CV thinner. You can purchase this also: use the product code ALD.SLOWCOMBO in the search bar.

This price is for 4 litres of mixed colour. When mixed with the above hardener and thinner, you will have 6 litres of product and enough for a full re-spray.

The above 2 pack Metallic Custom paints are being made available to you as an affordable, easy option, and because we saw a need out there for people to be able to paint their car, motorbike, etc at a fraction of the cost normally quoted for repaints, which start at $2000 for basecoat/clearcoat. And when cleared with a 2 pack clearcoat, cut and polished, it has the usual full gloss, depth, UV protection and is extremely hard wearing. These custom colours are exclusive to Autolink Distributors LP.

If you have any questions, require a quote, need to talk to a paint technician, please contact us - we want to help!